Here Comes the School Year

Right around this time every summer, those pesky commercials start to come on about “Back to School” sales.  “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”  I have a confession…Those commercials give me some anxiety, but mostly positive excitement.

A new school year is a new beginning.  No matter what age you are.  If you are a student, then it is a new year with new teachers.  If you are a professional, it is a new year with new students.  Either way, we are all facing new challenges and celebrating new successes.

So, how do you prepare for a new school year?  Here is my top 10 list a la David Letterman.

10. Enjoy what is left of the summer.  Run on the beach.  Swim in the lake.  Do anything to forget about what is going to happen on September something.

9. Read.  Any book.  Any magazine, newspaper, online blog.  Do it!

8. Hug your kids, hug your parents, and pet your pets.  Pretty soon there’s going to be less time to do all that.

7. Clean and organize your space.  Ridding yourself of the old gives space for new positivity to come in to your life.  Throw out anything you haven’t thought about for 5 years.  Or in the case of a student, throw out anything that questions their self-esteem.

6. Be healthy.  Eat some really good meals.  That cafeteria food at school is decent, but it doesn’t compare to a home cooked meal.

5. Prepare for healthy eating during the school year.  Menu plan.  Find some cool Tupperware that doesn’t cost a lot of money.

4. Buy supplies for school that will make you happy.  Does that mean buying the notebook that says “Life is Beautiful” or buying the one with Paw Patrol?  Either way, you are framing learning in a way that is fun.

3. Find out who your teacher will be and keep an open mind.  Most of us teachers are not doing this work for the money.  None of us are getting rich in this profession.  So, on the whole we are teaching for the “right” reasons.

2. If the school year begins and you feel that a teacher is not suited for your child, talk to the teacher.  Use language like, “I feel that Johnny is struggling in your class because x, y, and z.”  If nothing changes, then go to the principal.  If that doesn’t work…contact me and I can help you communicate. 🙂

1. Have a great school year!  The only thing we can control is our perspective.  Let’s get in there and learn!

Take care!


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