Here Comes the School Year

Right around this time every summer, those pesky commercials start to come on about “Back to School” sales.  “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”  I have a confession…Those commercials give me some anxiety, but mostly positive excitement.

A new school year is a new beginning.  No matter what age you are.  If you are a student, then it is a new year with new teachers.  If you are a professional, it is a new year with new students.  Either way, we are all facing new challenges and celebrating new successes.

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TED Speakers Recommend 101 Books to Dive into This Summer — Discover

My Summer Reading List for K-

I have distinct memories of being in the library most of my summer vacation.  My local library held a contest every summer to encourage kids to read books.  You didn’t win money, pizza, or even silly prizes.  All you won were bragging rights.  For me that was enough to get me to read.

Reading has always been a love for me.  Thanks mom and dad!  So, now I am trying to share that love with my daughter.  I think this is a neat summer reading list for an adult, but I would like to develop one for school age children.

From classic summer reads to powerful poetry, creative nonfiction, and art books, TED speakers provide you with a mammoth reading list for the next couple of months.

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Fascinating Research

By creating tech that lets dolphins play computer games and request belly rubs, we can understand their intelligence and perhaps even get a preview of life on other planets, says marine mammal researcher Diana Reiss. In some ways, dolphins and humans aren’t so different. We’re both intelligent, social animals, and we both rely on complex…

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Any advice I have been given over the past half-year has been to focus on myself.  As far as teaching and learning goes…there’s a LOT to learn about myself still.  Oh brother!

So, in this period of self-focus, I have learned a lot.  Sometimes, learning prompts change in one’s life.

Currently, I am focusing on teaching at a different level.  The university level.  This would not start until fall ’18.

There are a lot of options as far as schools go, but I am focused on one.  This is usually my style, to focus on one.  A wish or a dream.  I don’t want to jinx it, but it seems that I have a chance.  Maybe even a fighting chance.

Stay focused my friends.  And keep your hearts open!

Take care!

I focus in the woods.




Work-life balance is something that is very challenging to achieve.  Many wise people have told me that there’s no perfect balance.  The best we can do is aim for a healthy combination that works for us.

With that being said, here are some hacks that I have found over the years to keep balanced.

Exercise: Get up and move!  No matter how you do it.  Some people prefer organized sports, while others are content lifting weights alone.  Personally, I like a quiet individual yoga practice and a run in the park.

Sleep: Get the amount that you need.  Some people thrive on 8 hours while others can function with as little as 4 hours.  However, don’t stress too much if you’re not hitting your ideal sleep amount every night.

Work at work: There’s a saying, “Work hard and play hard.”  When at work, of course we need to focus on our tasks at hand.  This is the best way to ensure that we perform well on our goals.  Then, when we enter our home it is ideal to forget about work and focus on our self-care and our families.

“I can choose when to work and when to play.”

Meditation or Prayer: When facing stress in the workplace it can be helpful to repeat mantras or prayers.  This can be done quietly without anyone realizing it.  Or it can be done during a lunch break.  One of my favorite prayers has always been the Serenity Prayer.


Thank you, Aunt Carole for this bookmark.  Available from Salesian Missions.

When all else fails, do your best!


Take care and be well.



Hello, my name is Ms. S

I am starting this blog because I have opinions about education.  I believe that education should be meaningful for the learner.  That means something different for every learner.

My background is in teaching English as a New Language (which used to be called ESL.)  I am finishing my tenth year teaching in NY.  I have taught in two schools with very similar demographics.

I graduated from with my masters in TESOL and I am working on my post-masters.

I love teaching.

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